These highly collectible tintype photographs are NOT reproductions.  Most are in good condition but may show some signs of age such as tiny scratches or other surface imperfections.  These small flaws are typical of antique images that are around 150 years old!  Please note, however, that the photos you receive will look somewhat sharper than the low resolution scans shown here.

Important!  Before sending your payment, please contact me at glenda@recycledrelatives.com to reserve your favorite tintypes. Send a quick e-mail with your mailing address and the item numbers you wish to purchase.  I will then reserve those tintypes just for you.

Satisfaction is guaranteed and any item is returnable within 30 days. See my How To Order page.

PHOTO # T118

No significant wrinkles in the metal.
Small surface imperfections on each side.
Remnants of paper on back.


PHOTO # T179

There are small imperfections on the image,
such as dings and light scratches.


PHOTO # T134

Tiny surface imperfections.
No wrinkles in the metal.


PHOTO #  T129

There's a small area of crazing on the image.


PHOTO # T169

Light soiling on the front of the paper mat.



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